The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance

There are presently no open calls for applications.

As governments and businesses work to achieve both climate and development goals, access to finance has emerged as a critical element. Private investors are already channeling significant amounts of money into the low-carbon economy in countries around the world, but much more investment is needed. This is particularly true for developing countries, which often face difficulties attracting private investment at the scale needed to reach their sustainable development and climate goals. 

The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance is a network of over 70 expert institutions and investors from government, the private sector, philanthropy, and development finance, which identifies, develops, and launches innovative finance instruments that can drive billions to climate action and sustainable development. In seven years, the Lab has helped launch 55 solutions which collectively have mobilized over US$ 2.5 billion in sustainable investment. 

Each year, the Lab holds an open call for ideas for financial instruments that can unlock investment to tackle some of the most difficult climate and sustainable development challenges. Over the course of an annual cycle, selected ideas receive guidance and support from high-level leaders from both the public and private sectors, who contribute expertise, political capital, and financial capital to the instruments. Selected ideas also benefit from robust analysis, stress-testing, and development by Climate Policy Initiative’s team of experts.

To submit an idea for consideration in the Lab's 2022 cycle, please first create an account with Submittable or log-in to your existing Submittable account. The deadline to submit an idea is December 22nd, 2021 at 17:00 PST. 

The Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance